Creative Passion

At the age of 17, David started his training with Gerard Mulot in Paris. Two years later he is working for Guy Savoy at « Le Bistrot de l’etoile », then at the hotel « Le Crillon » next to Christophe Felder, he also works with Pôtel and Chabot… During that time, David discovers the meaning and values of this career and his passion for pastry.

Experience step by step

Always demanding the best of him self and seeking perfection, David decides to enrich his experience in prestigious establishments across the globe in Grece, India, Russia but particularly in South East Asia and China, a country he knows well. David makes full use of these trips to develop new exotic flavors in his creations, adapted to his clients’ demands according to their cultures, desires or needs. After 12 years of travels, he is now able to offer his pastry passion and know how to companies worldwide.

Travel invitation

His growing reputation brings him to work as consulting pastry chef for several French companies who rely on his technical knowledge to promote their products and share his experience outside of France. For some clients, he will teach his method to the production teams or lend his savoir faire in the creation of menus. Curious and inventive David is ready to surpass himself to continually perfect or adapt his recipes for his clients. He is refined in his quest for flavors and enjoys playing with textures and flavors to create spectacular deserts

David attaches great importance to transmit his emotions thru his creations.